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"We are really happy with the cleaning services provided. Not only is the office clean, tidy and well managed but our cleaner keeps an eye on things for us, letting us know of any breakages or leaks. We happily recommend their services to any firm considering them for healthcare and office cleaning services"

Bilal Bari - Director of Finance, Charter Medical Group, Smithfield

Office Cleaning 
Industrial Cleaning



Castle Office Contracts provides full contract cleaning services. It is our intention to provide quality of product and service and we are therefore selective in the process of partnership with any organisations we work with. Even though pricing is extremely important it should never affect quality of work. With this in mind we believe every organisation that we partner with has a common understanding of the end objective.


Castle Office Contracts has been in operation for over 20 years and has an extremely satisfied listing of clients who have been with the company for a number of years. Each company we provide services for is available to provide a reference on every aspect of our business - results against expectations, communication, and additional requirement work onsite.



Tel: 01 612 0535


Castle Office Contracts Ltd,

Unit 34,Parkwest Enterprise Centre,

Lavery Avenue,

Parkwest Industrial Pk,

Dublin 12


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